2012 Bella Gift Guide

Welcome to Bella’s 2012 Gift Guide!  Lots of ideas for friends, family, officemates, & of course…a little something for yourself!

Do you know what this is???  It’s a doorstop!  Filled with a material that makes it heavy, this burlap beauty adds a little design to the room & works like a charm!  This one is actually great for the door at the shop.



Bella joined the scarf craze this year….the colors, textures & designs were just too beautiful to pass up.  Come and see our selection of scarves in different colors & fabrics.   (I especially love the cream cotton crocheted one!) This infinity scarf is perfect for the friend who’s often chilly!



Infinity scarf close-up!



Gorgeous packaging on these little soap & soapdish gifts.  We do love our soaps….this one goes well with my dad’s style.  Woodsy with a little bit of fancy all over!



These little cuties also have beautiful packaging & are perfect stuffers for all your stockings.  Simply delightful fragrance!  I like this one for mom….



These hand soaps have a bit of shea butter…stylish packaging & winter fragrance.  I like this one for a hostess gift!


Amaryllis!!!  Amazing bloom, fast growing, fun to watch.  This gift is perfect for someone who is at the hospital for any length of time OR for loved ones in a nursing home.  They grow fast enough to see the difference each day.



This is the same plant above, only 2 days after the previous picture was taken.  It’s starting to bloom.  Amaryllis blooms have 4-6 flowers, all the size of the above picture…about 6-7 inches wide.  Remarkable.  Not overly fragrant…so really, this should go to our nursing home family & friends.



This would also do well at the nursing home, office, or at the next party you are invited to.  Just delicious.  I had some at the market and it is FANTASTIC.  You end up with a vintage design tin when the treats are all gone.  Stock up.  Easy to travel with & everyone will be happy with this little treat.



How about a cozy night next to the fire, your favorite pen, & some quiet time for writing Christmas greetings?  That sounds like a luxury to me!  Sweet holiday cards & paper greetings help to create the perfect handwritten note….love it!



More soap….wrapped in art!  Grandma Carmen would have loved these…the artwork, the color, the detail.  She would have LOVED the packaging more than the soap inside.  These would be a gift for ME…because just like Grandma Carmen, I love art too.




Gorgeous vase….I’d fill it with red tulips, about 50 of them, & send it to someone special.  When the tulips are done, the vase is so gorgeous it stands alone.




How would this go with your china?  If dinner is fancy this year, how about some sparkly avian place card holders?  It’s on everyone’s Christmas List this year…sparkly avian place card holders.  That might be a bit of a mouthful…..but the birds are darling!!!!



Love these resin bracelets.  LOVE them.  Great for a close friend…the one who helps you with your kids.



These are just luxe.  Look gorgeous on, and off!  This is for your sparkly friend who has everything.  We really know how to take care of her!



These plaid resin cuffs…..totally for my friend Lori or Betsy.  I LOVE the plaid…there are a couple of different plaids to choose from.  LOVE these.




Another option for the sparkly friend who has everything!  Either the darling mirrored tray or the tiny fancy frames.   If I had to choose….I’d go with the tray.  Perfect for jewelry….I always need somewhere to put jewelry!




Look how cute the frog’s crown is.  I really appreciate the detail.  This is for the frog lover in your life….do you have one?



Lanterns light the way!!  They can go outside, inside, up high, down low….I like them with a real candle of course.  But, I especially like them with a flameless candle like the “Dazzler” down below.  That’s how my lanterns are at home….no smoke & lasts all year!



This product has been wonderful for our clients.  It’s actually programmable.  You can turn it on one day at 5pm to the TIMER SETTING, and it will “burn” for 5 hours, then turn off automatically.  It will then AUTOMATICALLY turn back on 19 hours later and stay on for 5 hours.  IT JUST KEEPS GOING EVERYDAY!!!!   Great for a shelf, the top of an armoir, porches or decks…and really useful in an older person’s apartment.  No one needs to blow it out!



Be sure to stock up on t.light holders that have a little personality!  We love when there’s a bit of texture floating about!



I do love when things shine…if you purchase something that has a bit of reflecting ability, it can light up a darker part of your room.  If you really want your candles to shine….find some with a metallic finish that works with your decor.


If you really want to light the way, build a path with lanterns!  We have 2 different kinds of ice lantern making kits & another luminary form that makes the most gorgeous luminaries.  What if everyone lit their paths with luminaries…what a magical city!!!!!   A great gift for your creative friends or for yourself!  You can even make luminaries & line your neighbor’s walkway.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!!!!!



Here’s a little dolly of a rosepot!!!!!  These sweet miniature flower pots are great for hostess gifts or a little “Congratulations”.  This one has…lace ribbon (I love!), seeded eucalyptus, variegated boxwood, moss, pepperberry greenery, spray roses & a fiddlehead.


Lastly…we have little Christmas Pig.  He’s just a charmer.  He’ll greet you warmly each night when you get home, or he’ll keep you company in the garden or in your outdoor room.  We haven’t named him yet since he just got here….perhaps YOU should name him!!!  He had a friend, but I put a little Christmas necklace on his friend and introduced him to all the ladies at last night’s show and one of the ladies TOOK HIM HOME!  Hard to resist the beauty of Christmas Pig.  He’d love to meet you….so come on down!


Happy Holiday’s everyone!

Thanks for being part of our flowery little community.

Until next time, Happy Flowering!