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Bella’s 12 Days of Christmas

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To celebrate Christmas this year, Bella is hosting our own “12 days of Christmas” with 12 days of deals leading up to Christmas. Check out the calendar below to see what’s coming up throughout the month and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details on the specials each day.


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November arrangement of the month

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November is the month that always feels like the real start to the holiday season – party invitations start coming in, family members somehow show up out of the blue every weekend, and the urge to put up one’s holiday decorations on November 1st becomes harder and harder to fight each year – which is why for this month’s arrangment we thought we would create something that would look perfect on any table, mantle, or counter for those unexpected occasions (as well as every other day of the week).

Like last month’s arrangement, this one is meant to last. We used one of our popular square birch boxes as the base and then filled it up with magnolia leaves, thistle, a variety of dried fruit, fresh eucalyptus, rolls of birch bark, rose hips, brunia, and various other seasonal greens. The neutral, muted colors make it something that will easily become part of your home decor, whatever it may be.

This arrangement is normally $65, but we’ll be selling it for $55 from November 1st to November 30th – so stop on down to the shop to see it in person while they’re around!

Photos by the wonderfully talented JaneCane Photography

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Window Box Week 2016 Schedule

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Window box week is only a month away and the preperations here at the shop are in full swing! Check out the schedule below to see what’s going on each day during our week of free demonstrations.

If you have any questions about window box week, or any of our classes for this year, don’t hesistate to give us a call or send us an email at hello@bellafloraduluth.com

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October Lantern Decorating Class

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Our first class of the year was a success! We had such a great time working together on our lanterns and getting them decorated for Fall. Check out the photos below to see what we got up to! Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us.

To see the complete list of our up-coming classes for the year, check out this post.

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October arrangement of the month

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Arrangements of the month are back! After a little break due to remodeling the shop and generally being super busy, we’re back just in time for the beginning of the holiday season. In honor of autumn, this month’s arrangements are in tiny pumpkins provied by the Duluth Flower Farm (because if you can’t cover your house in tiny, decorative pumpkins in October, when can you??).

At $30 each, these little cuties are filled with one pincushion protea, scabiosa pods, bittersweet vine, berries, ceder, greens, and topped off with a bit of moss. We’ve chosen stems that are long lasting and durable, which is perfect for keeping the arragement around all month.

Give us a call, send us an email, or stop into the shop to pick up or reserve your tiny pumpkin arrangement anytime throughout October!

Big thanks to JaneCane Photography for these beautiful photos.

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2016-2017 Class List

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Finally, we’re able to share our list of classes for 2016-2017! With one class each month we’ve got a wide variety of both hands-on classes and free demonstrations during our window box week.

Shoot us at email at hello@bellafloraduluth.com, give us a call, or come on down to the shop to sign up for any of our classes!

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June’s Arrangement of the Month: Berries, Thistle & Trick

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Well, it all started when we fell in BIG LOVE with these containers….


They are roughly 3×3 inches….just WEE TINY POTS!!!!  After the arrangement is done, the girls here want to use them for salt, dried herbs, spare change, rings, earrings by the bedside, t-lite candle, votive candle, and I actually want use them for yogurt.  Just a perfect little yogurt dish!


And I highly vote for the inside.  Darling!  Filled with flowers, a bright little gift for a birthday or thank you.

Here’s the top view of June’s Feature Arrangement “BERRIES, THISTLE & TRICK”:


Starting from the left, podocarpus greenery, red hypericum berry, free spirit rose (yes, we use it often!), blue thistle or sea star, green trick, yellow billy ball (or woolly button), and a touch of fragrant geranium.   Long lasting….might even dry in place!

Here’s the front view:


And the back view:


You can call to order 218.279.3444 and pickup OR if you’d like to reserve and pay with PAYPAL, follow these directions:

1. Type your name, phone number, and preferred pick-up date/time in the text box below.

2. Click “Reserve Arrangement Now” button to pay with a credit card or paypal account. (If you would prefer to pay upon pick-up or would like your arrangement delivered, please call us at 218-279-3444.)

||Regularly priced at $24.95 – Specially priced at $19.95 throughout June||

SHOP SUMMER HOURS: Mon-Fri 9-5  & Sat 9-3

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June’s Flower of the Month: Gerrondos!

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Gerrondo Gerber Daisies are a BIG FAVE around here!!!  They come in all kinds of colors…bright, medium tones and pastel.  Today’s batch is a mix of bright and pastel.

What’s great about these flowers?

Well…the number of petals to start.  Lots of petals creates a lush look and a solid flower.


We also LOVE the BACK of the flower.  The petals are rich and deeply toned front and back.


They are sweet in a bunch or alone, cut short or tall.  They do well in water and foam. Gerrondo Gerber Daisies are definitely a solid bloom, available throughout the entire year.

Most often 2 inches in diameter, they are often smaller in visual weight than regular gerber daisies.  I would argue the more petals, the longer a bloom lasts.


Enjoy a bunch this month!!! Call the shop or order below! They are our featured DEAL!


Order your Flowers of the Month today by following the simple instructions below…

1. Type your name, phone number, and preferred pick-up date/time in the text box below.

2. Click “Reserve Stems Now” to pay with a credit card or paypal account. (If you would prefer to pay upon pick-up or would like your arrangement delivered, please call us at 218-279-3444.)

||Regularly priced at $3.60/stem – Specially priced at $11/bunch of 5 throughout June||

SHOP SUMMER HOURS: Mon-Fri 9-5  & Sat 9-3


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The Big News!

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Dear Flower Friends & Bella Clients,

I have Big, Exciting, Refreshing, Wonderful NEWS!!!!! At least, for me…it truly is all these things. And for you…the flower lover, it is too.

I started this dreamy little flower shop on 1st Street almost 16 years ago. I was 27 years old! It has been an exceptional experience and a beautiful way to spend 16 years. I am so grateful to have so many supportive, flower-loving clients. Many clients have become friends. Many! Over the past 16 years I have learned so much about business, community, people, & our beautiful city…Duluth. I’ve learned a lot about how the the world really works. What a blessing. Thank you for being a Bella Client and for making this flower dream a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The news is Bella Flora, Inc. is changing ownership!  Two young, energetic, wildly creative, longtime employees who LOVE flowers just as much as I do have purchased the flower shop. Ellie Just & Sarah Bjork will be the two new owners of Bella. They are full of excitement & new ideas. They will absolutely take Bella to the next level of amazing. I can’t wait to see what they do!

The shop has been running with Ellie & Sarah at the helm for some time now. I’m there in the background and take a wedding or two, but these are the ones who have been designing your arrangements for the last couple of years. They are HARD WORKING! They have a tremendous work ethic which I have been impressed with since they started working at Bella 3 & 5 years ago. Both strong, confident, organized and creative individuals in their own right, together they create a team that is not just one plus one equals two….more like 1+1=5. Their ability to work together, manage together, design together and run the shop together will provide a level of service that befits an incredibly busy, bustling, ever-blooming local business.

Bella Flora will continue to be the unique flower and gift boutique you have come to love. Bella will still be filled with gorgeous flowers, lush plants, and boutique style giftware. Bella will continue to do weddings, events, daily deliveries, classes, blogs, newsletters, seminars, corsages, boutonnières, sympathy flowers, and will continue to bring you all the flower joy it ever has. Bella will still sparkle and shine and bring delight and happiness. Bella will still provide designs using the exquisite combination of colors, textures, & design elements that made you love it in the first place. In fact, IT WILL BE EVEN BETTER THAN EVER! Ellie & Sarah will expand and grow the many services Bella already offers. They will bring a current flair & new energy to an already wonderful place. I really am so excited to just stand back and watch them go.

For some of you, this is all you need to know and you might be done reading. For you, thanks again for your business and trust – I hope you look forward to more Bella Flora with Ellie & Sarah. For those of you who want more details…

Click here to read an “Interview with Ellie & Sarah”, the new owners of Bella.

Click here to read an “Interview with Angela: 16 Years in Flowers!”.

Until we meet again, thank you so much for a wonderful 16 years!

Yours in flowers,

Angela Stocke

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In-depth with Ellie, one of Bella’s new owners

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Ellie, Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello everyone, my name is Ellie Just and right now, my biggest roles in life are wife and mama!! I have been married to my husband and better half, Phillip, for almost 5 years now. Together we are daily chasing after our beautiful, energetic, independent, strong-willed daughter, Thea, who will be 2 in September. Also, in September, we are expecting our second daughter, and we couldn’t be happier! Oh and course I can’t forget about the first addition to our family. Our fur-baby, Kate, our 4-year-old Golden Retriever!

3 years ago, Phillip was offered a job on the Duluth Fire Department and that is what brought us here to Duluth. Moving here, I had no idea what this city had in store for me. Would I work and build a career? Work part-time? Be a stay at home mom? And then I walked into Bella and instantly found a family. The relationships I’ve built here I will truly have forever.

After I had our daughter, Thea, I didn’t go to Bella for almost 5 months, and when I came back, it was only part-time. At that point, I still didn’t know what I wanted or what my purpose in life was. But everyday I came to work my heart and soul grew more in love with Bella and began realizing that is where I wanted to be and where I belonged. I had found my purpose, my dream.

Never did I think moving to Duluth would be just as important for my dreams than it was for my husband.

I am a mom. A wife. And now, a business owner.

I have a love for the Minnesota Seasons, the Big Pond, and the North Shore.

I love to curl up with a good book but more than that, I love curling up with Thea and letting her try to read to me.

Most importantly, I love that I truly do have a better half. Phillip is the solid foundation of our family. He is strong, loving, gentle, patient, supportive and a Godly man. Knowing that I have Phillip for this journey called life, I know we can truly do and accomplish anything.


What do I love about Bella?

I love the family that is created at Bella; there is so much love and laughter that happens in our little shop. I love the relationships that are created with our clients. The magic and creativity that comes out of Bella astounds me everyday. I love that no matter how big or small our team is; it is always awesome!


What is my favorite floral design and style?

I thought about this question for a long time and this is what I came up with. I don’t have a favorite. I love trying new things and being challenged. I love that the flower availability changes with the seasons. Right now I love what the colors and the flower quality. I feel like I can create anything.


If you brought 3 plants home, what would they be?

Well I am going to tell you about the 3 plants that I have at home now!

  1. Succulents
  2. Terrarium
  3. Lipstick Plant

I love green plants, but I love them more outside!!


What part of the business will you specialize in, if anything?

I believe I will be specializing in more of the business end of Bella, customer communications, business communications, some accounting, etc. Putting it lightly, let’s just say I like to be organized. I also like to know what’s happening on a daily basis; what’s coming in and what’s going out. I will still be designing, I’m guessing, most days. I also know I won’t be doing all the business end of things alone. Sarah and I make a great team, we work so well together. I couldn’t be more comfortable with taking this journey with Sarah.


What are some of your favorite Flowers?

Coral Charm Peony


Café Au lei Dahlias

Star of Beth


Blackberry Privet

Rose Hips

Magnolia Leaves


What at Bella makes you smile?

Honestly, usually all it takes is walking through the door in the mornings!



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